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Some of our outreach programs

Knitting or crocheting items for The Ships Project will be continuing.  These items include black wool helmet liners. seaman scarves, and neck gaiters for the ground troops, soft wool hats in NFL team colors for medic units and those on ships, “cool ties” for all troops for use in the extreme heat and handmade Christmas ornaments. Please contact the church office 414-476-2043 for pattterns and guidelines for meeting military requirements. In June 2012, 87 “cool ties” were mailed to The Ships Project for military men and women serving in places with sweltering tempertures.

Get involved with the Guest House of Milwaukee. Apostle mission dollars and volunteers support this non-profit homeless shelter which provides adult education to male substance and alcohol abusers.

Help us “Sock it to Poverty” by providing socks – all sizes, kinds and all new for the homeless “prayer ministry” at Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Resue Mission, San Jose Parish and other ministries. Socks will be collected ongoing in the mission basket at the back of church.


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