Acts of Apostle February 22, 2015

Dear Ones:
During Lent we are going to do worship just a tad bit different. 

 There are three Scripture readings:  this week we had Genesis 9:8-17;  John 14:15-21 and 1 Peter 3: 13-22.  HOPE TO  BE SHARED was our topic!!! We all need the power of hope in our lives.  By letting others see that we are just ordinary people, we have problems and short falls just like others;  we are NOT special because we are Christians, we can help others see the hope that we know we have!!  The Scripture taught us that we are to lead others to Christ using “gentleness and respect” and that we are to be ready at any minute to tell others about our faith!!
Now here is the NEW part;  after the message, during Lent we will be holding 3 to 5 minutes of SILENCE to hear from God what He might be wanting to lay on our hearts.  That will also be a time when folks can write their prayer requests and bring them to the pulpit. During this time of silence, as we are listening for God, this might be a time when people  want to write or journal some thoughts, it might be a time when folks want to hold a longer conversation with God but know that we do need to pause to hear what God is saying in response to us!  Prayers of the people will be held after the time of silence.

I know that this time of silence might be uncomfortable for some people.  Again, this is only going to be during Lent so give it a try!!!  Each week there will be different things to “do” while we are holding the silence!!
 Remember to love always and all ways.
Keep praying, see you in church!



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